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The cosmic question of the day seems to be - are "they" getting us ready to announce the imminent arrival of something intergalactic, i.e. Aliens, ETs, Martians or worse?! And are the croppieglyphs a major part of the decision to let us know the truth?

On 29th. July 1996 the "triple Julia Set" appeared on Windmill Hill near Avebury in Wiltshire. When we visited this formation it was probably the only field in Wiltshire that had not been harvested. Stories abound that the world's scientists were studying this glyph as to its significance and this would have played a part in keeping it intact, so to speak.

We had a labrador puppy with us which, not to exaggerate, went ballistic within the circles, growling at the centres and bounding around the edges, which was quite weird. Some silly rumours began that this was man-made with telescopic poles etc. Oh, yeah? Do us another one while we're watching, with the same perfect triangular precision displayed between each and every corresponding circle. I take as much notice nowadays of hoaxing claims as I do the politicians - not a lot.

Interestingly, one week later, on 7th. August, President Clinton announced on world television that a meteorite from Mars "speaks of the possibility of life (on Mars)."

Since then we have had a statement by the US Defence Department that they have found ice ponds on the Moon (ponds the size of Luxembourg) which they say may sustain life, and then we have the photos given to us by NASA from Galileo of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, which they say "suggest the possibility of life-forms."

These items came out over a four-month period, but imagine the fuss if they all came out on the same news programme.

The "life on Mars" meteorite, found in the Antarctic in 1984 (only 12 years ago); the ice ponds only just discovered even though the spacecraft that found them, Clementine, supposedly disappeared in 1992 after sending back 1,500,000 photos of every inch of the Moon's surface - the number of these released is NIL. (At least NASA let us see 12 of their million pics.) A cover-up here is plain: either Clementine did not disappear at all, or they have had this knowledge for at least 4 years. Either way, somebody lied. But why tell us now? Why tell us at all? It's not as if me and my mates are going to the Moon on Friday to check it out!

Have you also noticed the commotion over genetically altered food and its effect on the DNA of the human body, especially since June 1996, weirdly just after the famed croppieglyph at Alton Priors?!

1996 also saw the publication of "Open Skies, Closed Minds" by Mr Nick Pope, the man from the Ministry. Mr Pope tells us that he was the man on the UFO desk at Secretariat (Air Staff) 2A in the MOD. He unfortunately doesn't make it that obvious that he still works for the MOD, albeit not on UFOs.

So, bearing in mind the Official Secrets Act and the fact that Nick Pope still works for the MOD then the book must have been authorised by the Ministry, which means essentially one of two things: either (1) the book is complete misinformation in that something far bigger is actually going on, but to soften the blow they allow the public to think, "Yes, there are UFOs visiting regularly and we don't know what they are either" or (2) the book is exactly what it professes to be, in which case the crop circles "caused ripples at No. 10" and Maggie Thatcher wanted a full enquiry (naughty Doug and Dave) into the whole affair. Nick seems to laughingly dispel hoaxes and meteorology as the main cause but does appear to favour the connection with extraterrestrials. He even insinuates where ET's home is when he asks about the quintuplet formations, "Could the message be as simple as something like, 'We come from a star with four planets', 'Our planet has four moons', or perhaps 'We come from the fourth planet of this star, we come from Mars'?"

Somebody should have told Mr Pope that there is no life on Mars - NASA has always said so!

Dark Skies

And now we have Hollywood re the "Dark Skies" series showing on Channel 4. The pilot episode managed to throw in a croppieglyph, not dissimilar at first sight to the Barbury Castle formation of 1991. We were shown a metal plate being taken from the Hollywood formation (by the hero, John Loengard), showing the same design as the "real thing". This seemed to upset the farmer, who then proceeded to try and kill Mr Loengard, but as it turns out, the farmer was one of "them" - a dangly, Ganglion alien who stick to our brains and possess us and can only be removed with nail varnish remover injected into the back of the head.

The show is very entertaining but the sinister implication that it is supposed to be fact, portrayed as fiction to "protect the resistance", makes one again wonder, are "they" getting "us" ready? If so, then "they" do not want "us" welcoming these satanic mind controllers, a feat that is easily achieved when shown at a psychologically perfect "imprinting" time, just before bed. The dangly Ganglions are about as close as you can get to an arachnophobic's final nightmare and the majority of viewers, like it or not, will now subconsciously fear any alien visitation and seriously freak should an announcement be forthcoming. In fact, tied in with films such as "Independence Day" and other negative movies to be released this year, Joe Public would probably be very happy to support any government wanting to nuke the approaching craft or crafti!

If any of this were true, why is the programme even out - if JFK was shot out of fear that he may divulge? Unless what JFK was going to tell us was that the ETs are good guys known formerly as Jesus, Buddha or Harry and that dolphin-like Greys are coming eventually to enlighten us. Somebody doesn't want us to want that. Oh, oh, I'm feeling all biblical; this sort of statement suggests that our leaders are not the humane, altruistic, compassionate, giving, wonderful people that we thought they were and that they could actually be false prophets. Aargh! I'm doing it again!

Well, maybe there will be the announcement soon, maybe there is a probe with the Hale-Bopp comet, maybe scientists will manage to find a planetary body without life! But whatever, 1997 will be the biggest croppieglyph year yet. The general public will stop being convinced by the hoaxing fraternity because events will overtake the simple-minded. The Barge Inn will need more supplies and Sussex may become a circus. I can't wait.

One word of advice. When you visit this year's cream of the crop, take your camcorders, Geiger counters, magnetometers, infra-red goggles and one more essential - nail varnish remover, in case you encounter any killer farmers.

See you in the fields.


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