MARTHAM (Grange Farm)

TG 466178

21st. June, barley



The formation is slightly irregular, with one "tail" (bottom of diagram) longer and wider at its base than the other two; the perimeter semicircles are not equidistant and one (top left quadrant of the diagram) is distorted.

Central circle (anticlockwise swirl): 28'.

Standing ring: 55' x 13' wide.

Flattened ring (anticlockwise swirl): 96' x 27' wide.

This board with two short lengths of twine was found in the formation (in the bottom semicircle in the diagram), but does not appear to have been visible in the aerial photographs taken on 29th. June by Mike Page.

In the tramline I used to enter the formation were two piles of fish scales. These seemed to be relevant to what was right in the centre of the central circle...

Perhaps this was meant to indicate that the formation is "fishy"?


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