The study of crop circles - A proclamation initiative


We, the undersigned, have agreed to re-launch crop circle investigations and public communications into the study of crop circles with a renewed spirit of respect for others and to pursue the truth by all reasonable means possible. This timely initiative comes when the final outcome of the various crop circle investigations and land-design experiments is thought by some to offer humanity new positive potential. There IS something to be learned here.

Our entire species is entering a difficult period of overpopulation, pollution of air, land and water and significant climatic change. Increasing human tensions on our planet have been noticeably exasperated by divisions and deception perpetrated by some political and even some religious leaders. Many populations on our small planet are 'war weary' and desperate to be represented with trustworthy leadership who apply basic human principles. It is clear to all that division and deception is rife and that these cancerous qualities grow only because they are not challenged by a busy population.

The crop circle community is no different to any other and it has its share of these same problems. These are now being challenged openly. This is a concerted effort to resolve these problems, existing close to home, and in so doing we hope to inspire a trustworthy dialogue with the public and cordial and respectful relations with each other.

We are taking the high road in all aspects of our studies and associations with this phenomenon. We hope to inspire trust, respect, integrity and friendship with all of those who arrived in the fields to research the circles, visit and enjoy them, or make them with the co-operation of farmers as experiments in social and mechanical studies.

The aim is to learn what there is to be learned and to enjoy all the fun they offer in so doing. All achieved with respect and integrity.

D&D - Division and Deception - has run its course.

These well known names have sanctioned this release:

Busty Taylor (UK), Colin Andrews (USA), Ruben Uriarte (USA), Lindy Tucker (USA), Robert Irving (UK), Steven Greer (USA), Freddy Silva (UK), Dr Simeon Hein (USA), Ron Russell (USA), Ian Christopher (USA), John Sayer (UK), Andreas Müller (Germany), William Gazecki (USA), Dr Jean Aubrun (USA), Peter Sørensen (USA), Paul Vigay (UK), George Bishop (UK), Matthew Williams (UK), David Kingston (UK), Paul Anderson (UK), Steve Alexander (UK), Paul Anderson (Canada), Wolfgang Schindler (Germany), Robert Speight (UK), Laurence Newnam (USA), Dr Chet & Kallista Snow (USA/France), Kerry Blower (UK), Camille Einoder (USA), Shawn Randall (USA), Martin Keitel (Finland), Mark Fussell (UK), Ron Jones (UK), John Martineau (UK), Stacey Allen McGee (USA), Barbara Lamb (USA), Stuart Dike (UK), Dr Andrew King (UK), Christine Rhone (UK)

"A time to be either hot or cold - but either is better than being lukewarm."

"What you know is real. What do you want to know?"

People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies; Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you; Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight; Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

The good you do today will often be forgotten; Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.

Mother Teresa

Research in any frontier is damaged by a hostile environment. It is important to allow new discoveries, new ideas and open reporting. We should have civil discourse over disagreements, not slander. We need good research and reporting in order to advance our understanding. No one owns the Mysteries despite various entrenched belief systems, and none should stand in the way of honest exploration.

Ron Russell / Institute for Resonance

The most serious consequence of deliberate misrepresentation in any field is the removal of unbiased data from the public forum which should be available for human progress. The result can be that we travel down a distorted path with missed opportunities and into a mythical future and with damaged credibility. I am honored to associate with this proclamation in the sincere wish that respect and integrity again becomes the norm. 

Colin Andrews / CPR International

My association with the crop circle phenomenon has been an interesting one. From initial scepticism in the early nineties grew a sense of awe that unfortunately turned to cynicism towards the end of the millennium. With researchers turning on each other and the sense of community and support crumbling it was time to take a back seat, re-group and re-evaluate. Time is a great healer and space from an issue gives fresh insight. Circles are a powerful force; they bring people and ideas together. They span much of the globe and unite otherwise disconnected people to share experiences, knowledge and ultimately create lasting friendships and bonds. It is time to acknowledge this once more and to use this opportunity to explore possibilities, open our minds and follow the paths on which research may take us - wherever and whatever that may be.

Rob Speight

Crop circles have taken us almost beyond the limitations of human perception; not because they were there, but because no one knew where they came from. To find the cause and effect for crop circles and their formations became more than a scientific problem, it became a quest into the supernatural and finally a deadend of pseudo-religious belief systems. The quarrelling about whether crop formations are made by human or extraterrestrial land-artists has thrown us back to square one, where we still face the question of why a single circle of flattened plants may appear without any visible reason, and with a bunch of strange side-effects. These still offer enough scientifically unknown territory to explore within the electromagnetic, meteorological, and in the telepathic field. There is something to welcome here!

Wolfgang Schindler

In recent years the public has been misled about the nature of the crop circle phenomenon by a vocal and persistent few who have their own agendas to follow; people who are, in effect, the worst kind of debunkers and hoaxers, seeking to eclipse honest researchers and misrepresenting the phenomenon. It is time to set the record straight, conducting research with open eyes and open minds. Only in this way will we be able to arrive at where the circles are leading us - and learn the genuine lessons the journey provides.

John Sayer / The Cereologist

I entered this research almost 15 years ago and can attest to the exquisite coincidences that surround this natural phenomena which appears to be genuine in nature. But, as with all things, there are many roads to truth and a myriad of personalities who think they have the answer, when all are just contributing, trying to unfold this mystery. I think it is better we all actively censor ourselves and our research to the FACTS alone, and that we leave conjecture and gamesmanship at the door. We also should take our shoes off at the door and respect each other's path to this truth, as hard as that might be.

Lindy Tucker / Pure Research

No person, scientific or spiritual, can deny the resonance created by crop circles. Whether measured and recorded as electromagnetic, or spiritual sensations and events, or profit, the fact remains that as a human experience, crop circles cannot be exclusively any one of these because of the numerous variables in human perception. Therefore, CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?????? 

Camille Einoder

We are a species learning how to learn. We each learn how to learn from different octaves of awareness and experience. The crop circle phenomenon reaches out to us. One response we can implement is to evidence respect for each other's differences with harm to none. Most important is to keep uppermost in mind the greater subject at hand: the true mystery and multidimensionality of crop circles and their correspondence. "Keep your eye on the ball." (And note that it's round!)

Shawn Randall

Whatever is your viewpoint to the crop circles, there's no way to deny the highly synchronistic experiences associated with them. These seem to occur regardless of the circles' origin, despite people's controversial ideas. Even if we don't fully understand the mechanism, the circles have already enhanced our ecological, spiritual and scientific understanding. We should join our forces to take the research forward and offer the public an easy access to unbiased information about the crop circles.

Martin Keitel / Finland's Center of Circles Information

The famous cartoon philosopher Pogo Possum, once said, "I have met the enemy, and he is us." The worst thing about the crop circle field is the way we are divided into factions attacking one another. We must have peace and co-operation if any lasting good is to come from this wonderful phenomenon.

Peter Sørensen

I have always found that a person's attitude to crop circles says a lot about them, whether they are excited, amazed, amused, intrigued, earnest, secretive or dismissive. The formations act as a kind of mirror. In fact, to be perfectly honest, after all this time I find the idea of the motley crew of researchers actually agreeing to be nice to each other vaguely terrifying, so I will definitely sign up. This defragmentation of the mirror of mirrors could, in fact, heal the world.

John Martineau

Every minute of every hour, in every day... human beings as a species pollute this planet. The water, the air, the soil. Most of it but not all, from the burning of or other use of fossil fuels. Wouldn't it be fantastic if, from the study and research of the energy that creates crop circles, a new form of pollutant-free energy could be found. With wisdom, cooperation and common sense I believe it will. For the sake of my children and all others that inherit this savaged planet... I hope.

Paul Anderson / CPR-UK

When I started my investigations into the crop circles in 1985, the fields where quiet and peaceful, the farmers cooperative and friendly and the researchers, all five of us, cordial, respectful and willing to help one another in our common interest. What we saw as the subject became worldwide knowledge was the coming together of many more views. The final outcome was perhaps to be expected from humankind, less tolerance for the various camps within the subject. Unless we find ways of improving this we will allow the crop circles to pass us without learning anything at all. I know there is an unexplained side to some of the circles and hope this can be the focus in the future. Sir Winston Churchill might have said of this subject in recent years: Never have so many been mislead by so few.

Busty Taylor

Upon seeing my first formation in 1976 I considered myself lucky to experience first hand the magical, mystical phenomenon. It had a very lasting impression on me. If it had this effect on me I thought it would help to change the way we respect our fellow human beings. How naive I was, how wrongly I had interpreted the phenomenon. It shows and highlights for us our real, innermost self, the positive and negative sides of our character, the multidimensional facets of our very being. Not how we should respond to others, for as souls on our journey that is our choice, for we are totally responsible for our own actions. If nothing else the formations bring out the best, the worst in us. How we respond is our responsibility; we cannot lay the blame at the feet of others for our actions, our responses. Everyone is totally responsible for their own actions.

David Kingston

There seems to be so much mistrust, hostility and jostling for position in the crop circle world. For instance, we have been constantly accused of using the circles solely as a vehicle to make money and even accused of paying circlemakers to make formations; we have had intimidating phone calls made to our home and emails threatening to expose us for being involved in some scam, cover-up or deception - this is to name but a few of the more disgusting experiences we have had at the hands of so-called researchers. If this initiative can help call an end to such unacceptable behaviour and make the crop circle world a more tolerant, open and respectful place - so that we can all get on with our work and research in peace - then it deserves to have our wholehearted support.

Steve Alexander

I believe that authentic Crop Circles are, indeed, messages to Humanity from a yet undetermined source... to what end, or for what purpose we may not yet understand fully, but it is important that the world and all of its inhabitants reach out with all of their faculties to the extent of the perception that God granted... It is important to extend an open mind, a sharp eye, and a listening ear in an effort to understand the wonders and mysteries manifesting themselves unto us from the beyond... Let us reach both inward, and upward and ask for the light of truth to lead us in the path of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Stacey Allen McGee / Founder and Director, The Alternate Realities Center

Crop circles give us the stimulation and the opportunity to open our minds to an expanded view of reality: to the possibility of benign and well-intending intelligent beings (existing elsewhere in the universe) communicating with us humans. The laying down of these beautiful designs seems to be a respectful cooperation between them and us. They often seem to respond to our consciously projected wishes by giving us crop circles of specific designs. They also lead us into further thought and inquiry with designs which we humans have not anticipated. Let us respond to the giving of these precious crop circle 'gifts' with respect for the unknown 'givers'; and let us learn from their unusual way of communicating with us. Let us also treat each other with respect for our various kinds of participation in this amazing phenomenon and learn from each other as well.

Barbara Lamb

I have been researching crop circles since the mid-80s and have cooperated in many projects. The research on the first simple circles indicated that they were formed by means which did not include human involvement. However, this continuing research has provided data indicating that with the evolving complexity of formations human activity was directly implicated. It has been my view as the result of this continuing research that the electromagnetic fields in some cases have interchanged with human activity to produce some outstanding results. We must undertake future research thoroughly, without bias or ego, for what we reveal in due course may hold the understanding of humanity's evolutionary consciousness development (which may influence malevolence, as well as benevolence). Only with open minds, honest data reporting and cooperation with debate can this be achieved for ourselves and the generations to come, whatever the future may hold.

Ron Jones

In my 14 years of research of this extraordinary phenomenon, I have witnessed a rollercoaster ride of emotions towards these enigmatic designs in the fields every year. It has pushed people to the limits of despair (including myself), only to bring us back to a more positive approach. No one has ownership of these wonderous events; only experience can bring knowledge to the community. We should now come together in this new millennium and understand what power we have collectively to search for the truth!

Stuart Dike / The Crop Circle Connector

Cornelia - the crop circle cartoon character created in 1990 for The Cereologist magazine - now appears in The Circular. Half corn dolly and half space alien, she bridges the past and the future. Her message has always been, "Keep an open mind". Cornelia endorses the proclamation initiative on re-launching crop circle studies with a renewed spirit of respect. She agrees with human researchers who declare, "The time of D and D - division and deception - has run its course."

Christine Rhone

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