Ella Carstairs


The following information was received via automatic writing.

(1st. August 1991)

You are interested in the idea of circles which appear. They are a Spiritual description of attention. The fact of their origin is deliberately withheld to give people the time to reflect on the outcome of their origins. There cannot be too much mystery. Much of the circumstances are a phenomena known to other civilisations. The signs are a way of indicating a way. The object is very simple. Much reflection and much inquiry will bring many new minds to the message of the Originator. Do not always try to understand because the reasons are often too much for mortal intake. Much of respect should be accorded to the research.

(12th. July 1992)

The circles have taken over again. Much thought is in the mind but the real motivation is the truth. Loose ends are to be tied. What is your need to research? So much of emotional nature has occurred within your life over recent times that an awareness of such things as circles seem relevant to the complete picture. We foresee - something as you know we do not anticipate as a rule will reintroduce much pertinent to the subject. The interest in the medium of straw for creative purposes and the healing you have done for so many years are the unity of a spirit. Other threads intermingle but at this time continue in the feelings of wanting to know more - you will know more, that is for sure. Our love is always in your soul.

(12th. July 1992)

It is a surprising thing that so many individuals are resolved in their endeavour to prove the mystery. The proof is, of course, available if the mocking fraternity wish to see it. As we have already told you, stimulation into the mystery is the purpose and, of course, it is succeeding. Many minds are now making a new theory. No doubt the scientists will make the usual excuses. No matter; the purpose has been achieved. You can see well the interest in the continuation of the spiritual? The vibrational level of the mind is to be raised, we hope. You have to question - please do - we are here to answer. Always question, keeping an open mind free of prejudice. So many have confused notions but it is essential to have a spiritual understanding - no sense in battering, shall we say, thick heads of the ignorant. We bless you too.


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